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Co-author of the popular book, The Three Minute Meditator now in its fifth edition, Dr. Nina Smiley will share tips and techniques that will bring meditation and mindfulness into your life before the session ends. Nina’s work has been seen in O, The Oprah Magazine, Shape, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living, describing how meditation can be used throughout a busy day with life-changing results. Mindfulness in Minutes sessions including Stress Reduction and Never Diet Again are available to overnight, meal, and day spa guests at Mohonk Mountain House.

For Private Sessions
50 minutes private instruction for one with Nina Smiley, Ph.D. (by appointment)*: $160
50 minutes private instruction for two with Nina Smiley, Ph.D. (by appointment)*: $230
*Subject to availability, requires advance reservations. Reservations may be made within two weeks of requested booking time.
To make appointments, please call (855) 766-1481. For additional information, please email spa@mohonk.com.

127-697bb45e994623cfcb39eeba1ea0a886Mindfulness in Minutes: Stress Reduction*
Learn simple techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime to bring the benefits of mindfulness into your life — right now! In a private session with Nina Smiley, Ph.D.,discover how you can change your life one moment at a time. Work with Nina to create your own personal plan, as you focus on exactly what you need to do to reduce stress and support your optimal wellness.


630-d1dc6164725409430e280ef670cb00fbMindfulness in Minutes: Never Diet Again!*
If dieting really worked, we wouldn’t be doing it again…and again…and…! It’s time to replace a deprivation (diet) model with life-enhancing empowerment as you learn to make mindful choices, one moment at a time. Book a private session with Nina to learn a simple and effective approach that will transform your life, teaching you how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you — with sustained weight loss. Stop counting calories and calculating points as you come to understand that you are the expert on yourself! You’ll leave with a Never Diet Again toolkit to support your efforts at home.

“Me Too” Meditation – Mindfulness for Children*
It’s not too early to teach our younger generation about Mindfulness. Mohonk is launching wellness sessions for children, as young as age 6 and up. The family-friendly atmosphere is the perfect conduit for introducing kids on how to make mindful choices and tap into the power of their own consciousness. The stresses of everyday life affect even young ones, but mindfulness can help. Smiley teaches younger guests simple techniques that can be used anywhere and anytime to bring the benefits of mindfulness into their life immediately, reducing stress and enhancing well-being.

book2The Three Minute Meditator

As Prevention magazine describes The Three Minute Meditator, “the road to inner peace just got shorter.”
If all it took to change your life were three minutes each day, wouldn’t you do it? Learn how to reduce stress and enhance your life in almost no time at all. By David Harp, M.A. and Nina Smiley, Ph.D.
The techniques in this book help you learn to work more skillfully with thoughts, events, and emotions—anywhere and anytime.

To order a copy of The Three Minute Meditator, please click here to visit our online gift shop.