Mindfulness – Becoming a “Best Practice” for Business

September 10, 2015      Comments Off on Mindfulness – Becoming a “Best Practice” for Business

mindfulnessReducing stress… Enhancing decision making… Supporting self-regulation… In today’s world, business is conducted in a complex environment that’s constantly changing. If we’re not resilient – this course is increasingly difficult to navigate.

Practicing mindfulness – being present in the moment in a gentle, nonjudgmental way – has been shown to change the brain in ways that support mental flexibility and decision-making, as well as resilience.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia and the Chemnitz University of Technology looked at research from more than 20 studies and pooled data to determine which areas of the brain are being affected.

Among other areas, they identified the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and its association with self-regulation. The hippocampus, an area related to the stress hormone cortisol, appears to show increased amounts of gray matter linked to mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation provides an opportunity to develop skills that can enhance performance and leadership in a complex environment. In our Mindfulness in Minutes program at Mohonk Mountain House, we recognize that busy people who have “no time to meditate” are often the ones who need to meditate the most!

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