Enhancing ‘Well-Being’ – A Skill You Can Train

February 11, 2016      Comments Off on Enhancing ‘Well-Being’ – A Skill You Can Train

An overview of the intersection of well-being and neuroscience within a mindfulness framework was recently presented by Dr. Richard Davidson at a conference based on research undertaken at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This discussion of the ability to change the brain based on mental training suggests that well-being can be enhanced by training.

Research suggests that resilience (recovering from adversity) may be supported by long-term mindfulness meditation. Outlook (the ability to see the positive in a situation) may be enhanced by training in compassion/ loving kindness practice. Learning to be present in the moment (simply paying attention to what is happening in a gentle nonjudgmental way) is the foundation of mindfulness and a core component of enhancing well-being throughout life, in relationships with self and others…at work and at play. Generosity (extending kindness to self and others) works to activate circuits in the brain and is an expression of mindfulness.

Davidson and colleagues conclude that we have the opportunity to take more responsibility to shape our minds – and our brains – intentionally, in ways that may enhance well-being.

Full article: www.mindful.org/science-reveals-well-skill

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