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  • Self Esteem – An Inner Balancing Act 

    For some it seems effortless. For others, self esteem needs to be nurtured. Approaching this mindfully, with compassion, can make a difference. Learn more.

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  • Too Much “To Do”?  Here’s How Mindfulness Can Help!

    If you feel overwhelmed at times, you’re not alone! A constant barrage of input, information, and responsibilities can create a cumulative stress response. Taking a moment to be mindful can help.

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  • Before You Say Something You’ll Regret – Try This!

    It’s a fact of life – disagreements occur and arguments arise.  The challenge is learning how to keep cool when words are about to get hot.  Here’s an opportunity for insight.

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  • Procrastination Pulling You Down? Let Mindfulness Pull You Up!

    If procrastination is your problem, just thinking about the things you’re putting off can bring down your day.  If “Approach/Avoidance” is a familiar feeling – and Avoidance usually wins – the tips in this blog can help you step out of this box.

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  • Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

    There’s a depth of meaning under the surface of these words. Take a moment to explore this concept mindfully; it can lead to a simple insight that brings the potential for profound inner peace.

    The first phrase, “Pain is inevitable,” describes the reality of life as we know it. The second, “Suffering is optional,” offers the possibility of understanding that our own interpretation of events can change… everything!

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  • The Fine Art of Being “Mindfully” Cranky

    “Mindfully” Cranky?

    What does that mean?

    How does it work?

    And isn’t it an oxymoron?

    The current surge of enthusiasm for mindfulness expounds on multiple benefits – that it will calm you down, eliminate stress, make you happier, smooth out your life… and more!

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  • In 2016 – When “RE-Solutions” Fail — Use Mindfulness for Real Solutions!

    New Year’s Resolutions often fail… And the reason is simple.

    Think of the word itself. “Resolution” could more accurately be called, “RE- solution!” How often do we see the same goals on our lists year after year? If resolutions really worked, we wouldn’t be re-solving the same issues again… And again… And…

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  • A Mindful Look at Holiday Stress

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Except when it isn’t!

    Although holidays can have a warm glow, they can also be hard to handle. When the “Fa La La’s” and jingling bells make us want to respond “Bah, humbug!” it’s time to take a mindful moment to explore what’s going on.

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  • Transform Your Life in Minutes with Mindfulness Meditation

    In today’s fast-paced world, where you may feel like you don’t even have time to breathe, the thought of taking a few minutes for meditation may seem impossible. But when you think of mindfulness meditation as simply being present in the moment in a gentle, non-judgmental way, you begin to realize that you can take advantage of mindfulness meditation techniques anywhere and at any time. While waiting in line at a store or riding on a train, you can find a few minutes to meditate and release stress, improve feelings of general wellbeing, and center within.

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  • Mindfulness in Nature: Forest Bathing at Mohonk Mountain House

    Here at Mohonk Mountain House, a Victorian castle resort surrounded by 40,000 acres of a spectacular natural setting, we’ve been encouraging guests to get outdoors for 146 years!

    Our outdoor programs have included guided nature walks since our earliest days, often led by Smiley family members (the resort is still owned and operated by the Smiley family). In recent years, we have woven the thread of mindfulness into these excursions, offering the essence of “forest bathing” before even encountering the term. In fact, our mission since our founding in 1869 has been to provide guests with “opportunities for recreation and

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  • Weight Loss Without Dieting: Mindfulness, Wellness, and Weight

    Every year, millions of Americans count calories, add up points, or alter the foods that they eat in radical ways in the hopes of losing weight. However, Mohonk Mountain House teaches people to take control of their food intake without the burden of a diet. Through diets, people feel like they are taking control of their lives, but really the opposite is true.

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  • Centering Yourself with a Mindfulness Heart Meditation

    Every day brings the possibility that we’ll encounter stress as we go about our lives. While we can do little to prevent these stresses, we can prepare ourselves to handle them in a centered, mindful way rather than become overwhelmed by them. One of the best ways to face the day calmly is to start each morning with a mindfulness heart meditation.

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  • How to Deal Mindfully with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

    People share their lives as stories. Through Facebook posts and photos, tweets, or YouTube, it’s their best stories – fun, exciting, enviable – that are communicated. With this constant stream of curated comparisons, it should come as no surprise that other people’s lives can seem more fun and interesting than your own. Once accepted, the belief that other people are happier, more successful, or more loved than you are, can lead to the insecurity and self-doubt that comes from FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.

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  • Using Meditation to Manage the Stress of Everyday Life

    Stress can be experienced in any part of your life—at work or even at home with loved ones. The feeling of stress is familiar—shallow breathing, tensed body, pounding heart. But mindfulness meditation is a powerful stress-fighting technique that we can apply to handling stress no matter where it occurs.

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  • Mastering Mindfulness One Breath at a Time

    The benefits of mindfulness are many. It boosts the immune system, heightens focus, and can reduce anger, insomnia, and depression – yet finding the time to meditate can feel daunting. Instead of trying to find 20 minutes each day (along with a tranquil setting!), you can make mindfulness “manageable” by bringing it into your daily routine. Even three minutes of meditation at a time can strengthen the neural paths associated with clarity, insight, and calm, and once the habit becomes ingrained, so do the benefits.

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